Leaked chats
Leaked chats

Lady Shares WhatsApp Chat With Husband’s Friend Who Wants To Sleep With Her

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Barely a day goes by without something to gist about in the Nigerian social media space. Every day provides us with new talking points that thrill and sometimes drain users of the various social media platforms in our world.

Today, one of the biggest talking points is the leaked chat of one Mr. Bayo who was trying to pin his friend's wife behind his back.

The WhatsApp chat, which somehow found its way to the online world, shows how the said man tried to trick the mother of his friend's kids into having extramarital sexual relations with him.

Pretending to be looking out for his friend's wife, Mr. Bayo started by asking about the well-being of the family in the absence of his friend who has been unavailable to them since the Sallah break.

Unsuspecting of his intentions, the woman told him she and the kids were doing just fine but Bayo was quick to let her know he didn't care one bit about the kids, as she was his goal.

Still being respectful, she told him she was coping just fine in her husband's absence but that didn't seem true to Bayo who then offered to be her company for the night while the “real owner” was away.

It was at this point that the lady shunned him before threatening to report her to her husband about his disappointing character.

Seeing that his shot had gone a long way off target, Mr. Bayo switched the narrative and claimed he was only testing her to see if she was faithful to his friend before pleading with her not to mention it to her husband.

See screenshots of the chat below:

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