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 Lola Orebela
Lola Orebela

Shocking! Woman Delivers A Child After 10 Years Of Pregnancy

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

A woman, identified as Lola Orebela, has welcomed a child after allegedly carrying it for 10 years. The couple, Mr and Mrs Lola and Biodun Orebela, announced the birth of their child, claiming the mysterious pregnancy lasted for 10 years instead of the usual 9 months. The delighted couple shared details of their breakthrough after losing money and property to a mysterious pregnancy that was carried for a decade.

In an interview, the husband, Biodun Orebela, described the difficulty surrounding the pregnancy.

“Most hospitals could not do much to help us but a pastor was able to help my wife deliver,” he said.

“After tying the knot with my wife in July 2007, we welcomed our first child in October of the same year. Roughly a year later, my wife became pregnant again. There were several symptoms that led her to believe she was pregnant but on getting to the hospital all tests returned negative’

The wife, Lola, stated that the size of her stomach was constantly changing, as it would protrude and snap back, leaving herself and her husband scared and confused. In finding a solution, the couple visited local herbalists, spending several thousands of naira to identify the problem and solve it but all efforts proved futile. They also visited several hospitals, all of which claimed that she was not with child and no reasonable or clinical explanation was given to the couple for what she was going through.

After 10 years, Mr and Mrs Orebela visited a pastor, who was said to have spent many days praying and fasting for them. Miraculously, Lola delivered the child. She said: "There was a neighbour who was a matron, Mrs Tijani, and one Mama Chioma that helped me with the child before I was rushed to a local hospital. My husband also played a big role. He was with me throughout.”