Queen Afia
Queen Afia

Ghanaian Broadcaster, Queen Afia, Embarrasses Supposed Nigerian IG Beggar

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A supposed Nigerian online beggar was recently called out and embarrassed by Ghanaian broadcaster, Queen Afia, for constantly asking her for money on her Instagram page.

Afia, who is the self-acclaimed queen of comedy in Ghana, shared a screenshot that was sent to her by the said Nigerian narrating her plight to her before making a '2K' cash request.

Afia captioned the post thus: "This woman/man is always on my page begging", before urging her followers to share the post till it gets to the Nigerian authorities in Ghana.

"I beg share this till it gets to the Nigerian Ambassador who only knows how to write big grammars but can't reprimand his citizens. Even on Social Media Some of your people are terrorizing us!!!!!"

Nigerians and even some Ghanaians have bashed her for heightening an already existing tension between both countries.

Afia was, however, supported by other Ghanaians who even complained about the activities of Nigerians in their country as well as Europe.

See the screenshots of the post and reactions below:

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