Senator Elisha Abbo
Senator Elisha Abbo

Watch The Shocking Video Of A Nigerian Senator Physically Assaulting A Woman

This video of a Nigerian senator repeatedly slapping a woman in a shop is as shocking as it is disturbing. WATCH!

Titilayo Olurin

The shocking video of Senator Elisha Abbo physically assaulting a woman for daring to tell him “Oga, please, take it easy” has sent social media into a state of outrage.

The senator, representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, reportedly went into a toy shop in Abuja in the early hours of May 11 with three tipsy young ladies. One of the ladies was said to have started throwing up inside the store and the shop owner had cautioned her about it. The senator, however, insisted that she had called him a drunk and proceeded to call the police on her.

You will observe a uniformed policeman in the video and a few other men ready to make the arrest. To everyone’s horror, the policeman and the others watch as the senator pounces on the woman next to the shop owner, repeatedly giving her violent slaps. Her only offence was pleading with the senator to take it easy.

Watch the shocking video below:

Everyone would agree that the most appalling part of this video is the presence of a law enforcement agent and other witnesses in a place where an act of violence is brazenly carried out on an innocent woman.

This raises the questions: Should law enforcement agents, like the police, act oblivious to wrongdoings? Should “ordinary” citizens shut their eyes to acts of sheer violence for fear of what those in positions of authority would do to them? Would we allow our leaders rid us of our conscience to do what is right?

The outrage on social media has revealed that Nigerians are not without conscience, as many have shown their disgust at Abbo’s violent behaviour in an incident that occurred just a month before he was sworn in as a sitting senator on June 11.

Read what some celebrities have said on social media below:

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