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Timi and Busola Dakolo
Timi and Busola Dakolo

Pastor Yemi Davids Says The Dakolos Got Married In His Church And He Knew About The Rape

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

The Senior Pastor of Global Impact Church, Adeyemi Davids, has confirmed that Timi Dakolo and his wife, Busola, wedded in his church.

This is after speculations surfaced recently that Timi Dakolo met and married his wife at COZA and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo was the officiating pastor at the wedding.

The rumour mongers also said the singer was the church's musical director and is only coming against the embattled pastor because they had a fallout.

But Timi has come out with proof that he wasn't joined to his wife by the pastor who now has multiple rape allegations trailing him.

Sharing a clip from his wedding, the singer made it clear that he got married at Global Impact Church and was joined by one of Yemi Davids' assistants, Pastor Seyi.

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Desperate people do desperate things including ridiculous attempts at a smear campaigns. So let me address this foolishness once and for all 1• First the ridiculous rumor that Biodun wedded us. Please watch the video yourself , does the Pastor look like Biodun Fatoyinbo? His name is Pastor Seyi of Global Impact church officiating the wedding and that is a statement from Yemi Davids ,Pastor of Global impact church on this issue ...but nameless and faceless cyberbullies cant read , can they ? 2• I have never met or been in the same space with Biodun Fatoyinbo nor do I ever want to be and have never been a member of COZA 3• I guess that also answers the desperate attempt to say I was a music director in COZA. Funny as I have never been a music director in ANY church ! A church cant have an anonymous music director can they ? Foolishness ! 4• Apparently I had a child, divorced and remarried Busola - Spirit wife and child tings #AfricaMagic , and Busola was given monetary gift ,car and flown to chicago . No be only Chicago , na Soweto. Please do better ,tell more believable lies . Again I say, desperate people will do desperate things ...but as I said before ...WE. ARE .READY. We came out to speak on this painful matter . To bear the shame that goes with this, to be ridiculed, to be doubted ...just so that others might be saved and justice served . We are not backing down and no amount of manufactured lies can stop the truth that has started to unveil... #notinmychurch #unbroken #truth

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He also shared a screenshot of a post by the senior pastor of Global Impact church confirming the wedding happened in his church.

The post read: "Hmmm I feel the need to do this as a husband, father, and Pastor. @busoladakolo got married from our church to @timidakolo and as a friend to the family, I've been privy to some of the personal struggle Busola has had over the years, based on the details she expressed at the recent interview. This is her truth and it should be honored.

"I commend her for her bravery and I pray this helps her healing process. I also noticed that there was a denial of the allegation. It is important that the truth comes out. Rape is a serious offense and it is unacceptable. A process that unveils the truth in this hurtful situation in the body must begin immediately. We leaders must be accountable and I support at arriving at Justice, Healing and Resolution at this matter. #TruthSetsFree #SayNoToRape"

Pastor Yemi Davids Says The Dakolos Got Married In His Church And He Knew About The Rape

So, this naturally should put an end to the rumours surrounding Timi Dakolo and his marriage to Busola. But this is Nigeria. More stories would come up, especially in a case like this.

Just stick with us, and be sure to get all of the gists as they break.