Echezona Enebeli
Echezona Enebeli

“Never Aspire To Become More Successful Than Your Spouse,” Nigerian Man Tells Women

Bernard Femi

A Nigerian man, who hails from the eastern part of the country, has admonished married women to tread cautiously while attaining success, adding that women should not be more successful than their husbands.

Mr. Echezona Enebeli, who is known among his peers on Facebook for his archaic ideas, took to his page to tell women how wrong it is for them to aspire to be more successful than their spouses.

Known to give 'old school' opinions on certain life matters, Enebeli focused on career women who are married.

The Nigerian man was of the opinion that if a woman is more successful than her husband by providence then it is okay but if she makes it her sole desire to be richer or more successful than he is, then there is a problem.

According to him, women are helps to their husbands, as that is what they were created for and not for competition with their spouses.

He concluded by telling ladies to aspire to be successful but only within a limit and that limit should not exceed that of their spouses.

Of course, his Facebook friends had a thing or two to say, but majority of them did not agree.

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