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Pregnant Woman Burnt To Death In Fatal Accident Along Abeokuta-Ibadan Road

Jayfred Ugo

A ghastly motor accident occurred along Omi-Adio, Ibadan-Abeokuta expressway. The report indicates that eight people were left with bad degrees of burns and other severe injuries. A pregnant woman was among those involved in the auto crash, but sadly, she was burnt to death.

Eyewitnesses claim the commercial vehicle suddenly developed a mechanical problem, which involved the shaft coming off. The driver lost control of the vehicle and it somersaulted several times before eventually falling into a ditch. The road users lamented that a similar accident happened last two weeks and it keeps occurring as a result of the one way that is being used.

Whilst the occupants tried to escape from the wrecked vehicle, it caught up in flames. They were trapped until bystanders took the initiative to assist the people trapped in the vehicle. They helped everyone out, except for the pregnant woman who was unconscious and could not push her way out.

The Federal Road Safety Corps [FRSC] assisted in taking the victims to a nearby hospital called Alaafia hospital meanwhile the body of the deceased woman was deposited at Adeoyo State Hospital Morgue in Ring road, Ibadan.