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Bobrisky Explains Why He Failed To Make Car Payment

Pearl Emmanuel

After publicly lying that his babe was the one who ordered and gifted him his latest 2019 Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic S as a birthday gift, Bobrisky's charade has been blown open by the car dealer, MJ Autos.

Bobrisky took to Instagram to insult and rain curses on the auto dealer for hoarding his birthday car after paying more than 70% of the money.

According to Bobrisky, he first patronised the dealer a few months ago in March and paid for his white Benz in full.

But he further explained that the car dealer took an extra one week to ship in the car he ordered and fully paid for but Bobrisky seemed highly displeased with the delay.

Bob explained he still approached MJ Autos when he wanted to get himself a Range Rover as birthday gift for himself.

According to him, he and the car dealer wrote up and signed an agreement because he was yet to fully pay for the car. He also instructed the dealer to make the car available at his birthday venue which, he did.

According to Bobrisky, the dealers capitalised on the disruption of his birthday to seize the car. He said the dealer was being insensitive towards his plight and demanded they release the car to him even without paying the agreed balance of 3.5 million naira.

It is quite obvious that Bobrisky's write-up was to evoke sympathy from his fans and invariably spoil business for the owner of MJ Autos by publicly tarnishing their image.

Hopefully, the company will give a more comprehensive reply soon.

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