Groom Cancels Wedding Over Bride-to-be’s Infidelity

Groom Cancels Wedding Over Bride-to-be’s Infidelity

Debby O

A wedding ceremony should be a thing of celebration, but not for a couple in Abuja.

A viral video on social media shows an irate groom canceling his wedding, after seeing a video confirming his bride-to-be‘s infidelity with a politician.

In the video, we can see the bride on her knees, begging her groom for forgiveness, in a bid to save herself from shame.

Also in the video, an older woman keeps screaming at the groom, “I told you”, as if to confirm the groom’s suspicions.

According to reports, the incident occurred in Abuja as the wedding procession was on the way to the church to tie the knot.

A follow up story reveals that the groom went ahead with the wedding after family and friends prevailed on him.

See social media video below:

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