Tacha and Mike
Tacha and Mike

BBNaija 2019: Mike Confirms Tacha’s Body Odour

Debby O

Just as Big Brother Naija is heating up, so are accusations flying about. In a viral social media video, Mike is seen making a gesture with a hand in his armpit.

Although it is not stated clearly what his gesture means, it is implied that Khafi should inform Tacha about dealing with her funky body odour. Mike, being a true gentleman, is as diplomatic as possible and he tries to keep the conversation between them.

This is not the first time Tacha has been accused of having a body odour. Evicted housemates, Kimoprah and Thelma, said the same thing. At first, her loyal fans were quick to defend her, but time and again she has proven to have poor hygiene.

After working out, she would not take a shower and would not take a bath befor bed or after a saturday night party.

Most times, she would go to bed still wearing the makeup for the day.

Is this a reason to think Tacha stinks?

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