What I Ordered Vs What I Got: Lady Cries Out Over Artisan’s Work

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A Nigerian lady has tagged some artisans as 'heartless' after she received a furniture that was totally different from what she ordered.

Ademidun Abimbola, who uses the handle @Ademidipupo on Twitter, is currently seeking help on the platform after the artisan she contracted to replicate a furniture she saw online messed things up.

The social media marketer had probably seen a furniture online which she liked, so she requested to have the same design replicated by an artisan.

But to her surprise, when the couch was delivered to her, it was different from what she had asked him to make.

That alone was enough to get her upset but the situation got even worse when the man kept telling her that both pieces of furniture looked alike, which made her bring the matter to social media.

"On today's episode of what I ordered and what I got! Some artisans are so heartless, someone did this to me and also making mouth, telling me they look alike. Please what can I do to him? I'm so sad," Abimbola wrote along with the teary-eyed smiley.

See the tweet and pictures of both pieces of furniture below and be the judge:

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