Bbnaija Finalist
Bbnaija Finalist

BBNaija: 5 Finalists N60million One Winner

Who will be the BBNaija Season 4 winner?

Debby O

Finally, the 99th day of Big Brother Naija 2019 is upon us and only 5 housemates are left in the game.

The five finalists hoping to snag the grand price of N60million are: Mercy, Frodd, Mike, Omashola and Seyi.

Fans are working hard to keep their favourite housemates in the game, by campaigning for votes on social media.

While these 5 are in final lap of the ‘Pepper Dem’ game, there were not without a close shave with eviction.

Mercy: she is the last female housemate standing in the game and risked eviction after getting into a fight with disgraced contender, Tasha. Although she came out of the fight with what many have called an unfair slap on the wrist.

To guarantee she stays till the finals, she cheated her love interest Ike by buying herself immunity without his knowledge.

Frodd: he is another contender many did not see getting to the finals. He has also been the butt of several social media jokes because of his tearful declaration of love for fellow housemate, Esther.

To secure her love, he went as far as doing her laundry and washing her panties. Despite all of these, Frodd has been an intelligent game player. He became the Ultimate Veto power holder and this ensured his stay in the game till the final day.

Mike: he is the resident big brother and is quick to give advice to other housemates. He is also not easily given to anger or irresponsible behaviour and never responded when Tasha cursed him out on an episode in the show.

Although Mike is quite handsome and is the crush of other female housemates, he was appropriate and never dishonoured his wedding vows as a married man. A reason why Nigerians grew to love him.

Omashola: his personality reminds us strongly of Efe of BBNaija ‘See Gobe’ edition. His real personality and his affinity for pidgin English earned him several loyal fans. He also became crowned king of the diary room as he always has several hilarious responses to Big Brother’s query.

To announce an escape from eviction he would usually scream “Warri” all over the house, to the irritation of his fellow housemates.

Seyi: just like Frodd, many did not expect Seyi to get this far, because he always came off as proud and was quick to remind you he was the grandson of one of Nigeria’s political founding fathers, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

He is also one of the housemates who understood and got along with Tasha’s prickly personality. He is here till the 99th day because of a dose of good luck and his teeming supporters, quick to vote him.

Who do you think would win the grand price of N60million Naira today.

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