Lady Behind Viral Skin Bleaching Video Defends The Strange Procedure

Lady Behind Viral Skin Bleaching Video Defends The Strange Procedure

Pearl Emmanuel

It is no longer a secret that many women and even men in Nigeria crave the light skin.

There is an unspoken bias towards women who are light-skinned, as they seem to gain more favours than their dark-skinned counterparts.

However debatable this thought might be, it has formed on the minds of many Nigerians and women would stop at nothing to look lighter and enrich the pockets of so-called skin experts.

Earlier this week, a disturbing video of a Nigerian woman undergoing a strange, new bleaching procedure surfaced online, and many were shocked, to say the least.

In the video, we are introduced to a procedure involving the peeling of a woman’s skin with something like a rubber spoon while in a bathtub filled with bleaching chemicals.

The video has been described by social media users as hideous and many agreed that Nigerian women would go to any length to be light-skinned, taking their quest for a “lighter” complexion to a whole new level.

They have, thus, called out the lady behind the video for the unsafe skin bleaching procedure. The self-acclaimed skin expert, however, reacted to the backlash by defending the procedure, stating that it has fetched her more money than her counterparts.

She does not seem in the least bothered about the backlash and has instead lashed out at other self-acclaimed beauty experts, threatening to expose those who have sent her DMs asking for steps on how to go about the procedure.

Something that has left a bad taste in the mouths of the online community is the fact that the beauty therapist revealed that there were a lot of women sliding into her DM on Instagram to ask about the procedure.

This easily brings to light the fact that there is an incalculable increase in peer pressure, low self-esteem and lack of appreciation for one's worth.

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