Sodomising A Minor
Sodomising A Minor

8-Year-Old Boy Raped By Male School Teacher Excretes Maggot

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

A Magistrate Court in Bauchi State presided over by Magistrate Abdulmumini Adamu has remanded a male primary school teacher for allegedly sodomising a minor.

The 45-years-old suspect, Haruna Aliyu, was accused of engaging in homosexuality with his pupil aged eight years. He lured the eight-year-old pupil whose name was withheld with the sum of ten naira every Friday to sodomise him.

The wicked act would have never been found out if it wasn't for the boy's sickness where he was excreting maggots from his anus.

The Magistrate Court on it's last sitting on Wednesday ordered that the accused be remanded at the Bauchi Correctional Centre till February 5, which was fixed for the hearing of the suit. This gives the prosecuting police officer more time to investigate the matter further and produce witnesses on the case.

The prosecuting police officer, Inspector Yusuf Usman, informed the Court that on the 6th of December last year, Honourable Altine Ladan of Ganjuwa Quarters in Bauchi metropolis had lodged a complaint at the Police Station accusing the same suspect, Haruna Aliyu, of also sodomizing his 8-year-old son.

The prosecuting counsel said that the offence was against section 284 as related to homosexuality and lesbianism of the penal code.

The accused, Haruna Aliyu, admitted to all charges presented by the court. However, the prosecuting counsel asked the court to grant him time to further investigate the matter for proper presentation of the case, to which the presiding magistrate granted.

The Presiding Magistrate therefore fixed 5th February for further hearing of the case.

The father of one Aliyu's victims, Hon. Altine Ladan, shortly after the court proceedings, spoke to newsmen.

He said, “I was at the court to observe how the case will be judged.

”Haruna was a teacher at a public school at Unguwar Barno Quarters in Bauchi

“He used to lure pupils of the primary school into homosexuality. For the past one to two months, my child has been complaining of stomach trouble. We took him to a nearby health facility, and thereafter, the boy start complaining of anus pains, a situation which led to maggot excretion from his anus.”

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