Armed Robbers
Armed Robbers

Popular CEO Killed By Armed Robbers In Yaba

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

Brother of the late Alh. Aliu Sheu, C.E.O of a popular restaurant in Sabo Yaba, Lagos State known as the ’Whitehouse restaurant’, has taken to Twitter to announce the death of the CEO.

He narrated how it all began:

”Late Aliu was robbed in his home a night before the incident 20/1/2020 at exact 2:46 am. They robbed only his apartment (2nd floor)out of the whole building in which they collected all the gadgets (7) the house and his atm card and they withdrawal of 360,000 naira from ATM and transfer.

”Following morning he went to the police station to report the incident at PEDRO POLICE STATION and the incident was kept lowkey so far robbery has become something of a regular occurrence in our country. He returned back to his regular business at his regular resumption hour as usual

”Like nothing happened even I didn’t know this until later at night when I overheard it and was waiting for the next morning to ask him for the full story. The following night 21/1/2020 at exact same time as the previous one 2:44 am. Robbers don’t come back after successful work.

”The previous gang was just 2 and had no guns but this particular killers came in a gang of 8 fully armed with guns, forced their way in and shot him twice (in the chest and right arm) and left. We rushed him to the nearest hospital but he gave up before we got there.”

The user who goes by the name ”Boda_Shina” called out the Governor of Lagos and all security forces in Lagos State, to do more in protecting the lives of the people. He also pleaded with local authorities to help him find those responsible for his brother's demise.

Shina said that to ensure this unfortunate incident do not happen to another family, the Lagos State Government should act fast. He believes that for his brother to be robbed twice in two days, it must have been a targetted attack.

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