Soldier Fighting Over Girlfriend Mistakenly Kills Police Officer

Soldier Fighting Over Girlfriend Mistakenly Kills Police Officer


A police officer named Rowland Tafida, who is a father of two, has been confirmed dead after being killed by an Army corporal after a brawl at Makara, Borno State.

The deceased was a member of the MOPOL Special Forces Team deployed to Gwoza August last year as regards insurgency operations.

An Eyewitness who pleaded to remain anonymous said that the killing was “disheartening and unfortunate”. He went further to disclose that some people had intervened and settled the dispute between the Army corporal and another Police officer who had a disagreement over a girl.

The aggrieved Army corporal took the law into his hands and opened fire at the camp facility which got Rowland Tafida, who had no idea about the brawl, killed.

The deceased was hit and got his left thigh disfigured. He, however, didn’t survive the incident as no one could take him to a medical facility thereby bleeding to death.

The suspect has, however, been apprehended.

The mother of the deceased police officer took to her facebook page to mourn the death of her son.

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