Lagos Church To Hold Revival Against ‘The Marlian Spirit’

Lagos Church To Hold Revival Against ‘The Marlian Spirit’


A local church in Lagos, Nigeria has recently caught the attention of several Nigerian social media enthusiasts, as they are organising a month-long deliverance service against the 'Marlian spirit'.

'Marlian' has become a popular phrase used in Nigeria, especially amongst the youth. It originated from controversial music artiste, Naira Marley, who first made the term known after his release from prison.

So basically, a 'Marlian' is any faithful fan of Naira Marley and his lifestyle. It seems to be a general belief amongst the singer's fans that a Marlian does not follow rules or conform to the ways of the society; a Marlian is a misfit you might say, hence, the slang ‘No manners’.

Obviously, not every Nigerian is a fan of the pop star and what he stands for. Especially this particular church that has taken it upon itself to organise a month-long deliverance service against the 'Marlian spirit'.

According to the banner put out by the church, the Marlian lifestyle has been labelled a brand new virus turning children against their parents.

The deliverance service has been titled 'The Marlian spirit' and the church made sure to give a vivid explanation of what exactly the 'Marlian virus' is causing, stating that: “It’s sweeping through the land, it’s creeping into our colleges and homes; it’s turning daughters against mothers and sons against fathers. Millions are hooked to this poison.”

Apparently, this is not the first time the Marlian President is catching the attention of a religious body.

A while back, an Apostle Chris Omashola made it publicly known that God had told him that Naira Marley is a demon and he is satanic.

The pictures of this church banner have been going viral on social media platforms but the 'Soapy' artiste is yet to reply to the accusations against him.

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