OAP, Tunde Spy, Survives Car Accident

OAP, Tunde Spy, Survives Car Accident


Popular Ibadan OAP, known as Tunde Spy, took to his Instagram page to narrate how he survived a car accident.

The incident happened in the early hours on Saturday morning along Wire and Cable, Sawmill, which is not too far from the Police Command, Apata, in Ibadan.

The OAP was said to be sitting in the front, beside the driver, and was grateful that he had used his seat belt.

He had previously warned the driver to be cautious of his speed, however, these warnings fell on his deaf ears as the driver still maintained a high level of speed.

In a bid to speedily overtake a space bus, a car showed up in front which made the driver swerve to avoid hitting the approaching car.

The driver lost control of the car and somersaulted, but luckily for them, a heap of plank nearby about 6 feet tall was their saviour, as it stopped the car from somersaulting the third time.

Although, no life was lost nor any serious injuries sustained. The OAP still made it to work in the evening for his program, “TheNaijaTotoriShow.”

See his post below:

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All glory be to almighty 🙏😢😢🙏 . . This happened on Saturday early morning when we driving along Wire and Cable, Sawmill not far from Command Apata in Ibadan. . . I was actually sitting infront of this car beside the driver. Thank God I used the seat belt. The driver was speeding fast, told him to take it slow. Not long after I hv cautioned him, he wanted to overtake a space bus infront of us still speeding when a car showed up infront. . . He lost control and swerved the car, as he swerved to avoid the car approaching and to avoid hitting the car infront, the car somersaulted twice and if not for the heap of planks at about 6feet tall that stopped the car from somersaulting the third time. . . Actually nobody died and no serious injuries, but I noticed when the car was tumbling I was hitting my head on the floor and rii now having a kind of inner pain on my head and around the neck. . . Thanks to God for saving me though! We couldn’t take the picture of it when it was still hanging on the heap of planks before the towing vehicle came. . It’s his grace upon me. Should we call it passion kz I still went ahead and do my program in the evening #TheNaijaTotoriShow with the pains 💁🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️ . . #grace #tundeednut #tundespy #ibadan #ibadanoap #olicity #olic4 #radio #accident #God #thankful #coveredwithgrace

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