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Real Tok With Mr. PJ Comedian And The Gang: Infidelity Part 2


Last week on the show, we talked about infidelity in relationships, but we talked about it from the singles point of view only!

Today, we will be taking it a notch higher as we do a sequel and talk about it more from the angle of the married.

There are many questions that need answers. Questions like:

Who cheats more in marriages? Men or women?

What would make a married man/woman cheat?

What would you do if you found out your partner was cheating?

Are infidelity and cheating only about sex?

There sure is much to be talked about on this issue that has caused all kinds of 'wahala' in relationships and is still causing more.

Join us on Thursday, August 22, on the show REAL TOK WITH MR. PJ COMEDIAN & THE GANG, alongside my cohost, @DEORACLECOMEDIAN as we answer these questions and more. There will be comedy plus music to make it an even more exciting show!

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