15 Facts About Happenings Radio
Happenings Radio
Happenings Radio

15 Facts About Happenings Radio

These 15 facts about Happenings Radio will blow your mind!


By Tushbee

Happenings Radio is not called a blog with a mouth for nothing. With over 20 shows anchored by skilled presenters, Happenings Radio is undoubtedly your go-to station for the best of programming. Check out 15 facts about the online radio station.

1. We are the number one online radio station in Nigeria.

2. Happenings Radio is where everything happens.

3. We have interesting and interactive shows, anchored by experienced and trained on-air personalities

4. Our radio application is data and space-friendly.

5. It is a lifestyle radio that covers gist, politics, sports, sex, relationship, digital matters, entertainment, topical issues, and a lot more.

6. We play the latest music as it drops.

7. It is informative, educative and entertaining.

8. We are on air for 24 hours, seven days a week.

9. It is located in one of the biggest cities in Africa - Lagos, Nigeria.

10. Our blend of music is soul relaxing.

11. Over the years, our audience has grown from zero (0) to over sixty-seven thousand plus (67+) globally.

12. With the Happenings Radio application or URL, you can listen to us conveniently from wherever you are.

13. Our clients and audience are our priority.

14. Happenings Radio is open for business and training.

15. Happenings Radio is established to instil knowledge in people at home, the corporate world and in the diaspora.

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