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Digitization Has Turned Every Mediocre into a DJ – Jimmy Jatt

Digitization Has Turned Every Mediocre into a DJ – Jimmy Jatt


Isaac Oguntoye

Nigerian number one Disc Jockey(DJ), Oluwaforijimi “Jimmy” Adewale Amu, professionally referred to by his stage name DJ Jimmy Jatt was recently honoured with the Lead DJ of the year 2017 award by LEAD Project last Saturday at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos. After he received the award, Isaac Oguntoye intercepted him.

In an interview for Happenings.com.ng, the talented DJ spoke on how digitization has improved the entertainment industry and why every DJ needs proper training to be better.


Congratulations on your award, how do you feel today?

Thank you very much. I feel good. I feel honoured and I feel appreciated.

You are one of the big names in the entertainment industry and you have experienced two aspects of the industry, the analog and the digital aspect, what is the difference and how has digitization improved the industry?

Both sides have their pluses and their minuses. In the analog days, mobility was very hectic and for me as a DJ, you have to travel with thousands of records. That is a whole lot of weight for you to carry but right now with the digital advent, I could reach to the farthest place in the world with just a flash drive or something, that has helped. On the other hand, when it was analog, for you to get into the profession, it takes a lot of training and thorough process. With the digital age, you can wake up one morning and in the night, you are a DJ.

These days, some people will just download music online with a software and parade themselves as DJs. Earlier, the process was difficult because it ensured there was a process for you to get into. So like you said, I have enjoyed both.

Back then, you needed true skills because there was no digital assistance. At this time, I am enjoying more of being a DJ, because of the accessibility to everything, it is easy for me to go to any part of the world now. That’s a good part of the new technology.

Is there an Association for DJs?

Yes, there is and I am one of the EXCOs.

What sensitisation have you put in place?

We are working on a lot of things, as we develop, people will get to know about them but we are working on a lot of things.

In what way does Digitization affect the choice of music you play?

Music is allowed to come in any form. As a professional DJ, you know the right songs to play at different occasions. Every DJ doesn’t need every song. You know your market, you know what works for your market. Take that and use it.

What will you say about the industry now. What is your advise for the upcoming ones who look up to you?

They must believe in themselves. Don’t let anybody discourage you. If you know you really have the talent, follow your heart. The problem sometimes is that, people don’t really believe in their talents, because they look at people at the top and want to imitate them.

Search yourself and know what it takes, be ready to learn, understand what it means to be a DJ and then give it your best.

Did you ever envisage that one day you will be celebrated as a leading DJ in Nigeria?

I always felt I wanted to give it my finest shot and do my best. I always wanted to make an impact in whatever I did. Even if I had not been a DJ, I would have made an impact in other fields because of the love, the passion and the determination I put into anything I do.

So for me I would always expect to make it somewhow but you can’t say you know it all, it is God who grants that grace. I am grateful to God for making it work.