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I Have No Regrets for Marrying ‘Ajagungbade’ – Mrs. Baliqees Ogunkoya

I Have No Regrets for Marrying ‘Ajagungbade’ – Mrs. Baliqees Ogunkoya


Tunde Ogunmola

As if to confirm the beautiful love between Chief Shamsideen Ogunkoya Gbolahan and his wife Mrs. Baliqees Ogunkoya, she talked about her doting husband in glowing terms. Happenings.com.ng in a conversation with the happy wife, talked about the surprise party organised by her husband and their solid marriage.

Did you have the feeling that your husband was planning a surprise birthday party for you?

I didn’t really have any such feeling. But each time he suddenly stopped talking on phone when I ran into him in the sitting room, I became suspicious, that he was having an extra marital affair. I never knew he was planning a secret birthday for me. At times, he would say where I would take him to on my birthday day. I would tell him that I would like to visit the motherless babies home, rather than have any party to celebrate the day. I had no clue that he was planning such an elaborate surprise birthday party for me?

When he surprised you with a car as gift on your birthday, how did you feel?

To be honest before my birthday date, he took me to a car mart and asked me to chose a car for him. I told him that he shouldn’t buy any car, and he replied that he was not buying any, but I should just choose the one I liked, which I did. So I chose a Toyota Venza. It was a big surprise for me to see the same car I chose on my birthday as my birthday gift. I was very happy.

When you first met each other, did you ever believe that you will eventually become husband and wife?

No, I did not. I never thought I will be the mother of his children because when he first approached me I didn’t take him serious. Even after I accepted him into my life I faced a lot of challenges from people who complained about him then. Many asked if he was the type of man I wanted to marry?

Do you have any regret for marrying him?

I have no regrets whatsoever. I am always happy that I married him. If I had listened to people who complained and advised me then to leave him, I would not have married him, and I wouldn’t be here today, and I would not enjoy what I enjoy today. I thank God that I married Ajagungbade.

What type of attitude or behavior would you say your husband has?

He is a no-nonsense man, and he doesn’t like cheating or being cheated at all. If somebody wants to cheat another, Ajagungbade will fight to the finish, to make it right. When I first met him, he moved around with boys. However as soon as I came around, he stopped moving with these boys because of the love he has for me. It got to a point that his friends realized that whenever I was around, he wouldn’t mix with them. Some said that I had control over him.

Your husband is very close to top politicians. If he says he wants to contest for political position, would you support him?

He has been playing partisan politics before I met him, and politics made him popular. His involvement in politics also helped him in some situations in life, so if he wants to go for an elective position in politics, I will give him my full support.

What else can you say about your husband?

He is very accommodating to a fault, and jovial. But he can be very angry at times; aside that, he’s a very nice person, and he takes very good care of me and his children.

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I Have No Regrets for Marrying ‘Ajagungbade’ – Mrs. Baliqees Ogunkoya
I Have No Regrets for Marrying ‘Ajagungbade’ – Mrs. Baliqees Ogunkoya