What I am Doing Differently This Year…Wazobia Presenter IGOS

What I am Doing Differently This Year…Wazobia Presenter IGOS


Akinyele Sokoya

Popular stand- up comedian, actor and broadcaster with Wazobia Fm, Iledia Grandboy Omoro Samson, who formed his stage name, IGOS, with his birth name, in this interview with Happenings spoke about his career, his yearly show, and why he is delving into Disc Jockeying (DJ).

See excerpts:

Many of your fans know you by your stage name, what are your birth names?

My birthnames are Iledia Grandboy Omoro Samson.

You are a Comedian, how did you get involved in broadcasting?

Broadcasting is a passion I developed interest in along the line. As a Comedian and an actor, I have to diversify to some extent because it’s all encompassing. Being a Comedian actor, showbiz promoter, media and radio, to be precise are also part of entertainment. I really needed a platform where I could express myself daily, not just only when I’m on stage, because we create jokes everyday and we don’t have enough time to express them on stage and radio is an opportunity for me to always express my creativity to my fans. It’s something I admire so much and eventually found myself in it when I was called to be part of Wazobia family, I couldn’t reject the offer.

When did you join Wazobia Fm?

I joined Wazobia Fm precisely in 2010.

What programme do you anchor?

I co-host Oga Madam with Lolo 1 and Cheche between Monday and Friday, 10am to 3pm

Tell us about your yearly show?

My annual comedy concert is called IGOS Live. I usually have a team that go along with the show. I do it either first or second Sunday of June, and this year’s show will come up at Eko Hotel, on the 10th of June.

What are you doing differently this year on the show?

I have featured a lot of comedians and musicians in the past and one of the things I have come to realize and we are tending towards now is the comedy aspect. I really want to see how I can enjoy myself with one hour on stage. In as much as I will still have some of my friends come and participate. I also want to see if it could be possible for me to do a brief drama; a short comedy skit on stage. I have done a lot of skits but not on stage. I just want to enjoy myself and introduce the other part of me. For some months now, I have been practicing to become a DJ. I want to bring that DJ aspect into myself. During the show, I want to express myself for about 10 minutes as a DJ so when my clients fail to engage me in comedy and acting, at least they could engage me in Disc Jockeying. Even our president has encouraged Nigerians to be involved in more than one job.

That’s why I’m trying to diversify so as to create more jobs for myself because I have a lot of bills to pay

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