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My Second Term Is In God’s Hands  -Hon. Victor Akande

My Second Term Is In God’s Hands -Hon. Victor Akande

Tunde Ogunmola

A lawmaker in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Victor Oluwasegun Akande is preparing for a second term in office.

Akande, representing Ojo Constituency 1 however, believes that he has done a lot for the people of the area to be elected for a second term under the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The lawmaker speaks on his second term ambition, the kidnapping of school girls in Dapchi, Yobe State and the plan to conduct the 2019 election electronically in this interview with TUNDE OGUNMOLA.

You came to the Assembly for the first time in 2015, people would like to know if you are coming back for a second term?
I want to thank God for keeping me alive this far. Let me also thank Him for making me to be picked in Ojo Constituency 1 as the representative of the people. Let me also thank the people of my constituency who found me worthy among the lots to represent them. That is why I don’t want to fail them, which is why I put in all my best not to fail them. Let me thank the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on whose platform I came here though I have changed to the progressives and joined the All Progressives Congress (APC) If they had not given me the chance nobody would have known Hon. Victor Olusegun Akande. So, I thank them. I am not interested in going to the Federal House of Representatives. I want to do my best to support the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa for the good works he has been doing. He has shown that he is not tribalistic and he is a man with the capability to do the work. I want to continue to support the progressive minds. I have seen how we marshal motions and bills, which translate into laws on the floor of the Assembly. We worked assiduously in the 8th Assembly to achieve what we achieved today. I still want to come back to continue what I am doing. I want to contribute my widow’s mite to the development of Lagos State. I want to join hands with others to transmute Lagos from a mega city to a smart city. I want to write my name in gold that I have done my little bit in my domain so that I would be a reference point. So, I want to come for second term as a lawmaker in the Lagos State House of Assembly.

What are those things that show that you are on ground in your constituency?
What makes me to be on ground, we are messengers sent on legislative duties. While you are doing this, remember the people that sent you on duty. At every given opportunity romance them and let them feel you, let them have a sense of belonging. You must do your bit because to whom much is given much is expected in terms of giving back to the society. Without the down there is no up we are at the middle, the executive are at the top. If you hold the up, don’t forget the down. When you disconnect totally from the people, you are done for, they will not just reject you, they will send you away with stone and pure water.

Given the fact that you are still new in the APC and that you met some people on ground, what is your strategy to beat their political calculations in the primaries and represent the party as candidate in 2019?
My strategy is God. Let me refer you to the Bible, if God does not build a house the builders work in vain. If it is the will of God for me to come back so be it. If it is the will of God that I should not come back and face my career, so be it. It is my work that would speak for me. I am a new horse in the party now, they have their structure before I joined them, they could not just accept me like that. I would still rely on the structure of the party. A golden fish has no hiding place. If I make myself a golden fish, they would find and see me. If I make myself a hiding fish nobody would find me. I have come to contribute my own quota and impact positively into the life of my people. I have no hiding place.

How will you convince the people that you a better candidate?
I will not tell them that I am better or not. With what I do they would know if I am better or not. They are not blind, they see what others have done and what I have done and they can compare the two. Then, they would see if I am good or not.

What do you want to do in your second term?
Let us continue to do what we are doing. If I have done one or two things, let me go and do more. I stand on that premise. There is no way you would walk and your head would not shake. My campaign slogan is ‘Heavenly Bliss.’
INEC has said that the forthcoming election would be electronic, what is your take on this?
If our election is now electronic, kudos to the government. You know we are just evolving and when you are evolving, you have to be careful. My advice is that INEC should put alternatives in place in case of any disappointment. We all saw what happened with the card readers then. Let them perfect it and put alternatives in place. It is a good step in the right direction moving from analogue to digital.

What is your view on the kidnapping of school girls from Dapchi in Yobe State by suspected members of Boko Haram?
I would say the military have failed the nation. You are in the war front and because you are winning a war you went back. It is another way of blackmailing the government. I only pray that God would forgive us our sins. It is not likely that the lives of all the 110 girls would be intact, when they are released. I feel for the parents that lost one or two children out of seven, do you think there would be peace in that home.

What is your message to the youths in Ojo Constituency?
I just want to advice them to be calm. I want to tell them to desist from any irrational behaviour. They should not allow anybody to use them to commit any sacrilege that could boomerang. We are the architects of our own future. They have seen the impact of every individual. They should not allow anybody to deceive them with money. We have good people in Ojo and our youths are well behaved.