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Women Beware: Untreated Infection Can Lead To Low Libido Expert Warns

Women Beware: Untreated Infection Can Lead To Low Libido Expert Warns


Ilori Titilayo

As women, it is very important to take our health seriously, and pay attention to signs or changes in our body.

In a chat with health consultant of Maxi Health, Doctor Abayomi Festus explained causes, risk factors and remedies of low libido in women and why it should be taken seriously.

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According to Abayomi Festus, Libido in women is an urge to have sex, and when it is low, it can be caused by:

*Phycological problems

* Trauma

Other risk factors can be:

Menopause, hormonal imbalances etc. This will make the person not have an urge for sex

Low libido can also lead to infertility in women, infertility is when a woman is unable to conceive.

Untreated Infection is another cause of low libido

Birth control pills or contraception pills

Unhygienic practices

How Can Low Libido Be Managed Or Controlled?

The best way is by detoxifying your body, by taking some alkaline fruits like Cucumber, carrot, Aleo Vera gel, watermelon etc

Some Women Find Love Making Painful What Do You Think Can Be The Cause?

This can be caused by vagina dryness if a woman does not lubricate it can lead to pains.

Lubrication aids easy penetration, it makes both parties enjoy sex. It also makes sperm cells active and swim.

Washing the vagina with chemicals, for example, vagina wash like douches and vagina scrub is another risk factor.

Some women go to the extent of using alum to wash their vagina and the vagina has a very sensitive tissue, so all this aforementioned chemical can damage the tissues

What Are The Remedies For Women Who Don’t Get Wet?

Well, I will say such women should stay away from too much chocolate, cheese and eat more nuts.

For example, peanuts, cashew nut, groundnut and take olive oil, almond oil, avocado, and try as much as possible to eat egg white once daily.

The oil in these fruits contains good cholesterol that can help improve a woman’s libido.

Advise To Women?

Women should stop using chemicals to wash their private parts.

Personal hygiene is highly recommended. Some women are very dirty, they can wear one pant for two days, try to avoid such.