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Tunde Buraimoh
Tunde Buraimoh

To Have A Successful Marriage, You Must Pray, Play,Plan And Sleep With Your Wife-Tunde Buraimoh



Hon. Tunde Buraimoh, the former Chairman of Kosofe Local government area and currently, representative of Kosofe Constituency 2 at the Lagos State House of Assembly is the Chairman House Committee on Judicial. He recently spoke with Funsho Akinwale at his Ogudu, GRA, Lagos home.

 You are a lawyer-businessman and politician. How do you manage all these together?

Law is not very different from governance. All the arms of govern deals with law. They make law, interpret and execute the law.

Lawyers execute the laws especially when they are in the judiciary. So for me if I have to do politicking now.

I will just pay my service fees in I have any outstanding and return to law. I don’t have to go back to any school.

I am a qualified barrister and solicitor but if you are a banker and you leave. You may have to come back looking for a job.

But in law, it is easy to go in and out. Same thing with the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the late Chief Bola Ige.

Constitutionally as a state or federal lawmaker, you are expected to do any other thing except farming.

Many will not believe you are not a Lagosian?

I am from Ibadan. My late father has tribal marks

You are a socialite, jolly good fellow, and a good dancer. How has your incursion in politics affected this?

I want to correct the erroneous belief that I am s socialite.

You see I have socialite friends and what they do is that they want to be everywhere at the same time.

They call and ask.where is it happening? But in my case, I seize the opportunity to make myself happy. Not at the detriment of my health and finances.

The fact that I am a politician even makes me go out more. Sometimes it is not about money, but people want your presence.

When you don’t go, they termed it as arrogance. As part of loyalty is to show solidarity.

Women and politics. How do you manage them?

You can’t rule out women, they make it happens. Naturally, if a woman is standing about 10 is standing with her.

So if you are abusing her how many do you want to do. Women are natural mobilizers and you must have respect for them. Wherever women are, you will see men.

If a woman is in politics and she is misbehaving, she has been doing it.

We have great women, Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson, Chief Mrs. Teju Phillips,  Jumoke Okoya-Thomas, Bola Alli.

We have Kafilat Ogbara and our own Senator Oluremi Tinubu who has displayed exemplary leadership qualities.

Marriage is falling like a pack of cards now. What is the secret of your staying power in marriage?

Tolerance, patience compromise, and understanding.

When I was younger I used to think I am more handsome and smart. But as I grow older, I discovered it has been God.

Pray, plan, play and sleep together. If you leave each other the vacuum will be filled by someone, who can mislead. But that is not the solution.

You mentioned that your dad had tribal marks. What if you had one?

I would have not have loved it. It used to be in vogue and was a status symbol then. It is like the tattoos of today but it is no longer in vogue.

 What dictates your dressing?

Where I want to go and who I am meeting. Sometimes my mood, but I tried to suppress that I don’t want my mood to dictate.

I believe you should dress the way you want to be addressed. You don’t need to be flamboyant but you need to be dress adequately dressed.

There is what we called physiognomy. Although Shakespeare said there is no mind construction of a man in his face, but I disagree with him.

He even contradicted himself when he described Cactus in Julius Ceasar, very skinny and melancholically. So if you see him, you know that you are seeing trouble.

There are three ways of measuring a person’s character to me what he says, what he does and what people say about him.

What are your pains and gains?

I always think of the other side. There is no pain there without gain. If I woke up and see people waiting for me, I thank God because what if I wake up and see nobody again.

One day I was going out with a friend and he was saying people are greeting us too much and I said what if you don’t have anybody greeting you.

Conduct your private life well, whatever I can do publicly I won’t do privately. Many people have a dual personality.

You can read me like a book.  When I left office as a chairman I lost many friends, but one thing I realized was that they were never my friends. I still drive my car sometimes even outside Lagos. I must not forget the rope of my normal life.