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Celebrity Jeweller, Martha Najomo, Takes Us Into Her World 

Celebrity Jeweller, Martha Najomo, Takes Us Into Her World 

Martha Eseoghene Najomo talks about her marriage and success as a top jeweller in the country in this revealing interview with Funsho Akinwale

Funsho Akinwale

Since she emerged on the Nigerian social scene some years ago, Martha Eseoghene Najomo has been one of the country’s most beautiful and stylish ladies.

Wife of Lagos socialite and one of the top pilots in Nigeria, Captain Chris Najomo, Martha has continued to make statements with her unique style. She sits atop an upscale jewellery shop in Ikeja, which attracts top personalities.

She recently spoke with FUNSHO AKINWALE in an exclusive interview with Happenings. She revealed what she calls the propelling force of her success, marriage and the love of her life, her husband.

Briefly tell us about yourself

My name is Mrs Martha Eseoghene Najomo. I hail from a small village called Umolo in Delta State. I’m a mother of five and I have several grandchildren. I obtained my first degree in Education History from the University of Benin. Prior to that, I obtained a National Certificate in Education from the College of Education, Abraka, Delta State, and thereafter proceeded to the University of Lagos to have a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

What do you do for a living?

I am a Jeweller. I have been in the jewellery business for almost 30 years. I was in the fabric business before delving into this business.

You are a Jeweller and you don’t seem to wear any. Any reason why?

I wear a lot of jewelry pieces. It’s because you don’t really know me. I’m not wearing it now because I just came back from church. If you check my past interviews, especially during my 50th birthday, you will see that I wear jewelries a lot. I love what I do and I try as much as possible to showcase what I do to the world.

Tell us about your husband

My husband’s name is Captain Chris Najomo. He is a Pilot of high repute. He is well known in the society but most people don’t know me and I think it’s better for me like that. He is more of a Lagos boy, a public person, while I remain on the reverse seat. He likes partying and all that. He is a typical Yoruba boy. He is a pilot and currently works with Arik Air. He flies between Nigeria and United States and between Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Martha and hubby, Captain Chris Najomo
Martha and hubby, Captain Chris Najomo

How do you cope with the nature of his job?

I married at the age of twenty something and he was on the job, so I knew exactly what I was going for. But I have had to occupy myself with kids and business. When I’m not in the office, I am at home acting the role of a mother.

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