Ogundana (Hardvantage)
Ogundana (Hardvantage)

Ademola Ogundana: Carving A Niche In The Nigerian Music Industry 

Funsho Akinwale

In a society that is mainly dominated by patriarchy, men who have distinguished themselves in their chosen careers are worth celebrating.


Ademola Ogundana, also known as Hardvantage, is an example of a successful young lad who has shown through his artistic prowess to the entertainment world and social-economic well-being of the nation that being a young man is not a barrier to reaching lofty heights in life.

Call him a budding talent in the entertainment world and you would be right.

This is because Ogundana has done phenomenally well for himself in the industry.

He is a TV host, an on-air personality, social media influencer and a music star.

Hardvantage performing at an event
Hardvantage performing at an event

His singles, titled ‘Kinmonsere’, featuring Mr Lyno, is still enjoying massive airplay on major radio stations across the country.

This has not stopped him from giving his best at all times in the industry.

The music star, while speaking on his lifestyle, stressed the need to be cautious and disciplined, qualities that have helped his career and made him the toast of his large fan base across the world.

Talking about his stage performances, Ogundana said he detests people calling him Energy Gad, rather he prefers to be addressed as Hardvantage, which inspires him to do more.

Ogundana disclosed that his electrifying stage performances make many believe he is on drugs.

Correcting the notion, Hardvantage said: “No! I don’t do drugs or get tipsy.

“I try to study the audience as soon as I step on stage.

“I build my strategy, relate with the audience, connect with them and put them in my mood.

“Everyone has his own way of showcasing their talents

“In my case, I make sure my fans look forward to my next line of action, most especially my entrance at major events which always has a message to pass across,” Ogundana stated.

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