Steph Ogundoyin
Steph Ogundoyin

Meet Steph Ogundoyin, The Award-Winning Cleaning Professional Who Is Passionate About Helping Others

Cleaning professional, trainer, and home organizer are only a few ways to describe Steph Ogundoyin. Besides running a successful cleaning business, Ogundoyin is committed to helping many become better homemakers and entrepreneurs.

Titilayo Olurin

What you see when you come across TidyTribe on Instagram is a treasure trove or goldmine of cleaning and organizing tips.

Created by Steph Ogundoyin, award-winning cleaning professional and founder of the boutique cleaning company, MintVille, this page is brimming with the most interesting DIY videos online.

So many are the tips on there that it is impossible not to love the brilliant woman behind the page.

As good fortune would have it, she agreed to an interview, and here we are.

A Career Path Shaped Early In Life

The cleaning professional’s career path was pretty much shaped by her love for cleaning at an early age. Growing up with a mother who was meticulous, it was hard not to make cleaning a part of her daily routine.

“I grew up with a mom who was very particular about living in a clean home. We had chores delegated to us but I sometimes found myself doing things without being asked. I would rearrange my cupboard during play time, amongst other things," recalls Ogundoyin, who decided to make something of her passion by starting her cleaning company, MintVille, in 2014.

Cleaning Professional, Coach, Professional Organizer

Cleaning is not all that Ogundoyin does, though. Also a coach, who has trained over a hundred people, she is a professional organizer. In order to reach a wider audience with her nuggets of ideas and tips, she established TidyTribe last year.

"TidyTribe was almost a natural succession from MintVille, I knew I enjoyed organizing as much as cleaning and I wanted to turn it into a profession,” she says with a twinkle that is hard to miss.

Cleaning and organizing come naturally to the TidyTribe founder, and she is exceptionally good at her job, with enough awards to prove it.

But not one to rest on her oars, Ogundoyin keeps honing her skills, as she reflects: “Apart from genuinely enjoying cleaning and organizing and doing it constantly since my youth, I have done numerous courses and training since I began 7 years ago. It is important to be constantly learning and I make it my duty to do at least one course a year, as things are constantly evolving in my industry.”

Passionate about helping others lead a clutter-free life and start their cleaning entrepreneurship journey, she readily shares her knowledge with as many people as are willing to learn.

"I am currently working on my master class online courses and I am extremely excited to launch my first one this week!" she reveals with glowing pride. "I am also working on a product range and we will be releasing our first product of the range next month."

Steph Ogundoyin
Steph Ogundoyin

TidyTribe: Community Of Individuals Who Share A Common Goal

A community of over 11,000 individuals who share the goal of keeping their environment clean and safe, TidyTribe is more than just an Instagram page.

“TidyTribe came naturally to me. I wanted our name to reflect what we love the most (being tidy) and that we were a community. The moment it came to me; I knew it was the one,” Ogundoyin says of the inspiration behind the name.

She has successfully run a cleaning business for seven years. But it has not always been smooth sailing.

Steph Ogundoyin
Steph Ogundoyin

"If I had to pick something, I would have to put on the list recruiting passionate staff who value the work as much as I do. I would also have to mention access to high quality cleaning products at a consistent price can also be an issue, as Nigeria is heavily reliant on importation. This is one of the reasons why I decided to also focus on the products side of things in order to have more control,” she admits.

In spite of these challenges, Ogundoyin remains determined to succeed, taking each challenge in stride with the resolve to “approach every obstacle with a positive mindset and be prepared for anything."

Steph Ogundoyin
Steph Ogundoyin

Taking the Plunge

Starting TidyTribe was no tea party for the good-natured Ogundoyin, as there was a lot to consider. But when she took the plunge, it was one of the best decisions she ever made and now definitely considers it a career highlight.

“A career high will have to be taking the plunge and starting TidyTribe. It was a long and hard battle with myself about putting a face behind the brand, and sharing content online. It has been extremely fulfilling and I am glad I decided to start last year," declares the dedicated, young woman, whose greatest source of inspiration is her mother.

Ogundoyin's advice to people who want to follow a similar career path is "Do it!"

"Do it! If you are thinking about starting a cleaning or organizing company, go for it," she advises. "You have nothing to lose because capital investment is low and you don’t have to put in too much money to start. You are also in control of your hours, employees, clients and your operations."

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