Rotary Club of Lagos Island in association with IHS Towers execute blood donation camp

Rotary Club of Lagos Island in association with IHS Towers execute blood donation camp


As part of its CSR activities, IHS Nigeria in association with Rotary Club of Lagos Island organised blood donation drive in its office premises in Lagos as a response to the urgent need for increased blood reserves in Nigeria.

Large number of enthusiastic employees turned out to participate in this humanitarian initiative which will contribute to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of its operating community. IHS hopes that this gesture will inspire other individuals and institutions to support this national drive.

The company was also appreciative of the very professional conduct of the Rotary Club of Lagos Island (RCLI), Red Cross and Lagos State Blood Transfusion Agency which made the process seamless.

In Rotary drive to service to humanity, Rotary Club of Lagos Island in association with IHS Towers executed blood donation camp today to aware people on blood safety and availability of blood through voluntary donors to have sufficient contribution from the corporate to the society. Demand for blood is growing in the developed world with longevity and increasingly sophisticated clinical procedures whereas national blood supplies are not sufficient to meet existing requirements in Nigeria.

On the blood donation camp, Mr. Jimoh Umoru, GM & Company Secretary IHS Towers encouraged employees of all department that an adequate and reliable supply of safe blood can be assured by a stable pool of regular, voluntary, unpaid donors, who are also the safest group of donors, since the prevalence of blood borne infections is generally lowest among them. He appealed all employees to come forward and voluntarily donate blood as one pints of blood can save three lives.

Vice President of RCLI Mr. Raj Kumar Gulati, in his address to voluntary donors said with this gesture, you are saving a child with severe anaemia, a woman with haemorrhage during or after childbirth, road accidents victims, insurgency victims and many others.

Chairman Service Project Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, extended his gratitude to the CSR Dept. of IHS Towers who had been working hard together for a week towards organising this Blood Donation Camp. Prior to this serial awareness campaign in all department was done with IHS , RCLI & LSBTS officials.

Awareness of voluntary blood donation is very important for all of us to understand the importance and this is one of the best donation in world which directly affects saving lives.

Dr. Oluyinka, Mrs. Bolugun & Mrs. Sijuade from Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service extended their gratitude to IHS Towers Voluntary donors & RCLI and explained them the medical benefit of voluntary blood donation.

In terms of the number of voluntary blood donors, the Nigerian population does not even meet the one percent minimum recommendation stipulated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Victims of accidents, diseases, and other health complications are in need of blood transfusion that could save their lives on a frequent basis. But the dearth of donations to medical facilities sees a good number of these cases reach critical levels that can be avoided.

The blood donation camp started 10.00 a.m. this morning in a lovely rainy weather and slowly picked up to the registration of 100 plus odd executives of all age group and from all departments of IHS Towers, the camp was well organised by CSR dept. under supervision of Mr. Cima, Ms. Eyitemi & Ms. Providence. The IHS Executives visited the blood donation camp were Mr. Jonathon Bordage, COO-Mr. Mohamad Sawda & Company Secretary Mr. Jimoh Umoru to encourage employees.

RCLI Volunteers present on site were Rtn. Amrendra Sinha- Chairman Membership Committee, Rtn. Kamlesh Jain, Rtn. Abhishek Srivastava- Chairman Vocational Studies Project, Rtn. Menu Bender, Rtn. Arvind Gupta- Chariman-Kick Polio Project. Rtn. Jeo Rupchandani, Rtn. Anil Gopwani & RCLI Vice President Rtn. Rajkumar Gulati.

RCLI has organised 3 Corporate blood donation camps in last six months with donation of 60 pint on an average,  said Charter President Rtn. Vinod Garg which is one of the best way to sensitise working class and corporates on CSR and assured for many more blood donation camp and charity services to community.

RCLI is planning to adopt one or two small primary school to develop it to a Model school.

RCLI has already joined hands with other NGOs for Free Distribution of Artifical Limbs.

RCLI sponsoring 100 Free Vocational Studies to needy ones in the month of May & June to mark Golden Jublee celebration of Rotary International, Interested candidates for Free Vocational Courses on MS Excel & Soft Skills can send their CV to

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