Wheel Barrow Entrepreneurs

Wheel Barrow Entrepreneurs


By Itohan Ferguson

Just when you would think Nigeria, her leaders, her people and her policy couldn’t get any more absurd, we are forced to face a new height in ridiculousness. So his ‘imperial majesty’ Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state in a grand gesture of his magnanimity, gifts the youths of his state wheel barrows.

The hilarity of the situation isn’t lost on me, as I stare at the shiny new wheel barrows stacked majestically and conclude that it is the governor’s aim to turn the youths of his state, into human beasts of burdens. It is clear, he has no intention of having the muscles of  strapping young men of Benue state go to waste. Hence what other way to engage the brawn of young Benue men than have them go on the streets as touts pushing cargo.

It is my conclusion that this is another haphazard youth empowerment schemes by state governments to justify money that may have been diverted to more personal expenses. That his advisers couldn’t come up with a much more dignifying entrepreneurial scheme has me shaking my head in wonder. No thoughts of investing this money in agriculture or transportation as a way to generate employment and engage the youths of the states.

Whenever you go to Benue state, be sure to hail the ingenuity of Governor Ortom for creating wheel barrow entrepreneurs.

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