Jamaica submerged after astronomic storm

Jamaica submerged after astronomic storm

Yusuf Busari

Jamaica has being hit by heavy rain which started on Saturday evening, May 13, 2017, causing flooding and landslides. The flooding is reported to have affected about 10 of the country’s 14 parishes, with Clarendon, the worst hit with more than 72 hours of heavy rainfall.

Rio Minho, the longest river in the country, overflowed its banks in several sections of the parish causing severe damage in Banks, farmlands, bridges and many communities.

Evan Thompson, director of the Meteorological Service Division, said that the island has experienced an unprecedented level of rainfall over the last four days and that some parishes such as Clarendon, St Mary and St Catherine saw more rain over the four days than the usual average for the entire month of May.

The flood rains have triggered a fundraising spree to provide relief for persons displaced by the disaster.

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