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Man pleads with court to dissolve his marriage; Sights lesbianism, extravagant life

Man pleads with court to dissolve his marriage; Sights lesbianism, extravagant life

Yvonne Williams

One Augustine Anyia, a business man pleaded at a Lagos Customary Court in Agege on Wednesday to dissolve his seven-year-old marriage to his wife, Nneka following lack of care, lesbianism and threat to his life.

According to him he had heeded to his wife’s demands – the sum of N5 million, a car, N100,000 monthly allowance, yet she had left their home since 2016 refusing him access to their kids.

The court learnt from the petitioner that the former love birds tied the knot just after six months of courtship upon his return from the United States.

Explaining he said – “My wife is quarrelsome and quick to violence, especially when she demands for money or anything and l don’t respond to on time.

“There has been no peace of mind in this marriage: She is a party freak and does not have any iota of respect for me,’’ he said.

Augustine also alleged that the respondent engages in lesbianism with her friends.

“I see all sorts of pictures of Unclad women with my wife sent to my phone by her friends and informing me about their acts of lesbianism and asking me to stay away from her,’’ he said.

The petitioner told the court that on two different occasions, he moved out of his house due to threats to his life.

“Whenever we have any misunderstanding, she always threatens to kill me. “The stress is unbearable; there is no longer peace of mind in this loveless marriage,” he said.

He also alleged that his wife reported him at a police station and when he was summoned, the respondent demanded to be paid off by her husband as she was fed up with the marriage.

“My wife demanded for a sum of N5 million, a car, N100,000 monthly allowance for the children and to be responsible for the children’s school fees.“ l agreed to these and I gave her all that she requested for,’’ he said.
“She moved out of the house sometimes in October 2016 and had refused me access to the children till date.” he added

The petitioner, who described his wife as “a troublesome and mischievous person” pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage because he was no longer interested in the union.

He also prayed the court to grant him access to his two children.

The respondent was, however, not present during the proceedings in court.

The court’s President, Mr Philip Williams, adjourned the case till June 22 for further hearing.