Acting president Osinbajo pays unscheduled visit to Garki market

Acting president Osinbajo pays unscheduled visit to Garki market

Willy Bantu

Professor Yemi Osinbajo yesterday made an unexpected stop at the Garki market, Abuja where the spirited traders welcomed him enthusiastically. His motorcade was harassed by a mammoth crowd of shop owners, onlookers and bystanders as they sought to receive him and his entourage.

The acting president arrived the market around mid-day and spent close to an hour chatting with some of the traders who had varying degrees of complaints to lay such as the high cost of shops, rise in prices of wares particularly rice, fish and tomatoes, etc.

Nasiru Maiyaki Kuryfi, a rice dealer, bemoaned the lack of sufficient storage spaces for their goods because those in charge of the market had failed to complete some of the shops they had paid for. While one fish seller sought government’s mediation to help reduce the cost of some shops which currently costs N250,000 annually.

Osinbajo gave his word that he would speak with the management regarding the high cost of rent, but also beseeched the traders and Nigerians at large to embrace community farming.

“The more we farm the more the cost of products will come down”.

Speaking with reporters, he reiterated government’s commitment to improving the economy at all cost, and admitted his delight at having the chance to speak with the traders directly.

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