#ChildrensDay; Economic Travails and Hope Deferred! How Best Should the Nigerian child be celebrated?

#ChildrensDay; Economic Travails and Hope Deferred! How Best Should the Nigerian child be celebrated?

Yvonne Williams

Hurray!! Another jolly May 27 – you’ve got that right, it’s Children’s Day! Yet another wonderful opportunity to show your kids just how special they are to you. Okay, so kids may not get the fact that they don’t get to see you all through the day – surely those tight two second hugs you give when you sneak into their room some minutes past twelve midnight, stricken with guilt count for nothing, but still, there’s little or nothing you can do about it because, you’ve just got to make ends meet…

It’s a no brainer, the sorry state of affairs in the Nigerian economy has eaten deep into not just our finances but mental satiation that the average citizen is left depressed because of the overwhelming burden and hope deffered since forever. Suicide here and there, kids now being forced into adulthood robbing them of their innocence…it’s pitiable. One cannot deny that beneath those wide innocent adventerous eyes lie unmistakable depth of pain, but with a special day like Children’s Day, we are reminded to preserve what’s left of the innocence of the Nigerian child.

Happenings in the spirit if the season decided to hit the streets to ask just how Nigerian parents intend to celebrate their kids regardless. Here’s what a few had to say;

Yemisi Oguniyi – A caterer

Before now, things weren’t so hard, I could afford to at least prepare some delicacies for my kids; some cake and pastries…but now? Ha! I can’t even dream of it. Things in the market are so expensive and I cannot afford to spend what little savings I have been able to gather over a few months. I am a single mum and have no help but God. So today, we just will do the usual rice and sharing of meat between them.

Baba Iyabo – Carpenter

Children’s Day abi na Children Day?? Abeg me no get time for that one o. Me self be pikin, after all them born me sef na. Nigeria no smile at all, na everyday business just dry, so which money make I use take dey celebrate them. We never get food to chop sef. For my house na garri the children go take, at least we get that one. Well sha hope dey.

Biola Dada- Lawyer

Children’s Day… Hmm, thankfully we’ve got just one kid and although people are complaining, things at my end have been smooth and have even gotten better. I have a side business I do so I get income from both ends. Today my little boy and I would be visiting the amusement park after which we’ll perhaps head on to the cinemas, if he isn’t all drained! … But, I really empathise with those needy kids out there who can’t even afford one square meal a day. It’s terrible.

Dotun Bankole- Banker

In fact let me confess, it honestly didn’t dawn on me today was Children’s Day! I’ve had a really hectic couple of weeks and just got carried away with the whole trying to keep up. I have four kids but they’re basically all grown, the last is 18, so you see this while Children’s Day is not for me. Especially with the many bills that won’t just stop coming. But, if I had little kids, I guess we’ll just cook fried rice and chicken at home, at least it’s cheap.

Ikenna Ejiofor- Trader

Children’s Day in this recession? No think am. My wife wan form that level for me, dey ask money for chicken, me I speak sense to her, no time – in this time you have to be wise. No spending money anyhow because to hustle is not easy. I came from village to Lagos three years ago and I tell you, things are tough. No customer like that for market again. Me I celebrate my children for heart, God know say I for do better, but as man no get na. Wetin we go do?

Titi Ademola- Fashion designer

Last year it was different; my husband, the kids and I had a nice time at a nearby restaurant, the kids were so happy – just the thought of dining out…but this year is not it all. I don’t even understand this Buhari government, people are suffering. No money this year, but at least, I’m happy my kids are involved in a match past for the celebration, at least that will help make them enjoy the day.

Shola – Nurse

My husband is hardly around so it’s just me and the kids. Well, this Children’s Day I get to spend some time with them since I’m on leave. I am so excited, my schedule has been real busy and all. With the small money I could afford to squeeze out, I went to the market and my teens will help with the cooking so we can spend some quality time together as a family.

Maxwell William – Engineer

Children’s Day ke? Please o, I’m not yet married and don’t intend to anytime soon. When I’m still struggling to feed, how will I take care of a woman and children? Girls nowadays especially in this Lagos, their eyes don tear. Girls are not smiling. No money, no love. So me I have decided to cut my coat according to my size. Till God butters my bread.

Philip Nwoke – Photographer

Celebrate my children? Everyday is Children’s Day na. No need for that one. Money no dey like before.  Shebi na change wey we dey shout? Lol… Children’s Day na for big man pikin, but me, wetin I get na that one them go chop. I don’t give my wife #1000 sha, before I leave house, so anything that money fit buy, them go manage am like that. I no fit kill myself na.

Carol – Business Executive

We intend to visit the beach and just have a wild time. Good quality time as one big happy family. I have five boys by the way and they’re super excited! I consciously has to look through my schedule as my Hubby’s been complaining I need to do some compromising. Anything for my kids. It’s not all about money – but let’s face it, money’s good!!

There, a glimpse into the Nigerian kid’s world on this special day. In all, although things in the country aren’t getting any easier, try and remind yourself of those seemingly little achievements – Some boosting of the ego never hurts. A Happy Mind – A Happy World!

Happy Children’s Day!!

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