Drama! Popular Uyo Pastor disgraced by wife for impregnating church member ( Photo)

Drama! Popular Uyo Pastor disgraced by wife for impregnating church member ( Photo)

Yvonne Williams

Kairos Rhema Embassy, a local church in Uyo, Akwa Ibom is currently not witnessing the best of times as her founder Pastor Nsikanabasi Ese was publicly disgraced on Wednesday by his wife who stormed the church premises with infidelity accusations.

The pastor’s wife Idongesit Ese although prevented from entering the church auditorium by some young men as according to them she didn’t have the pastor’s permission to gain access, stood at the church premesis telling anyone who cared to listen that her husband, their pastor was not only living an adulterous life but had also impregnated a female member of the church.

PremiumTimes reports the heartbroken woman had cried out saying;

“I want every man and woman who has conscience in this church to ask my husband why he is doing this to me, why would he be sleeping with a young girl who came to seek counseling and prayers from him,” Mrs. Ese said with teary eyes to a handful of churchgoers who gathered around her.

“I caught my husband in a hotel having sex with Evelyn Etim, a member of our church. As I speak to you, Evelyn has given birth to a baby boy and she is living in Eket with my husband.”

Premium Times report the incident occurred around 12 noon at Bassey Esau Street, off Aka Itiam, where the church is located.

Mr. Ese some weeks ago had made headlines when he reportedly knocked down a customs officer on a highway in Akwa Ibom while trying to evade duties check.

Journalists who went to cover Wednesday’s incident in Mr. Nsikanabasi’s church, were reportedly violently attacked by the thugs but upon the arrival of the police, The situation became a bit calm.

The pastor’s wife, Mrs. Ese, now calmer brought out photos from her handbag and showed them around to buttress her points. She showed people a photo of herself with a bloodied face.
“That’s when my husband, so called man of God, beat me and hit me with his car and ran away with Evelyn Etim when I caught them in the hotel,” she explained.

She also displayed a photo of a young woman whom she said was that of the alleged intruder, Evelyn Etim;
“I want members of the church to know why I haven’t been attending programmes in the church,” Mrs. Ese said.
“Many people have been calling my telephone line to inform me that my husband lied to the congregation that I traveled out of the country.
“This is the moment of truth. Let the people know what has been going on in my marriage and in the church….

I believed and trusted this man with my whole life. I am still asking myself one question, is this the same man who once woke me up late in the night, stood stark naked before me, poured anointing all on his head and swore that God should destroy him and his ministry the day he sleeps with any woman other than his wife!”

Mrs. Ese said she was pregnant for the pastor but that the baby died mysteriously in her womb two days to delivery some three years ago.

The programme that was going on in Kairos on the day of the incident was a “special emergency deliverance service” with the theme “One of Us Is in Trouble”.

Mr. Ese did not respond to requests from reporters for comment on the issue, PremiumTimes reports.
According to some persons who claimed to have spoken with Mr. Ese, the pastor was accusing the wife of having lied to him about her age and her level of education.

The pastor has filed for divorce in a customary court in the state, PREMIUM TIMES learned.
A clergyman, identified as Moses, who stood in as Mr. Ese’s father during his traditional marriage, told PREMIUM TIMES that he was disappointed with what was happening in the pastor’s five-year-old marriage.

“He (Mr. Ese) didn’t give me any vital reason why he should divorce the wife, he just said the woman is harsh, the woman is this. I said to him, ‘have you reported to me since I came and signed as a father to you (during the marriage ceremony), have you brought the woman to say this is what the woman did?’
“I told him since you’ve never brought the woman to tell me this is what she has done wrong, I am not in support of your divorce,” Mr. Moses said.

“I don’t believe that Nsikanabasi is called by God…. I have told him and his mother not to come to my house anymore,” he said.
Source – PremiumTimes

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