Happy Children’s Day Nigeria!!!

Happy Children’s Day Nigeria!!!

Willy Bantu

Children’s Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world and it celebrates children globally.

Children’s Day was begun on the second Sunday of June in 1856 by the Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard, pastor of the Universalist Church of the Redeemer in Chelsea, Massachusetts: Dr. Leonard held a special service dedicated to, and for the children.

Dr. Leonard named the day Rose Day, though it was later named Flower Sunday, and then Children’s Day.

In Nigeria, Children’s day is observed annually on May 27 and was established as a holiday in 1964.

It is usually a school-free day (when it falls on a weekday), with most primary and secondary school children routinely adorning their school uniforms for march-past or parade, in competition with other schools.

The venue is usually an open field or stadium, with top government officials and societal leaders on hand to acknowledge their salute.

So here’s wishing a Happy Children’s Day to all the wonderful kids out there, to the adults who are still “kids at heart”, and to the lovers who are being called “baby” by their boo.

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