#SpeakNigeria: One thing we need to fix in Nigeria

#SpeakNigeria: One thing we need to fix in Nigeria

Yusuf Busari

May 29th is a public holiday in Nigeria. This public holiday commemorates the restoration of democracy in the Federal Republic of Nigeria when Olusegun Obasanjo took office as the President of Nigeria in 1999, hence the name “Democracy Day”.

Eight years later, there seem to be no relief from the abysmal sufferings of the masses. Happenings Media sought out the opinion of the common man on “1 thing we need to fix in Nigeria and why?”, they had this to say;

Richard Kaycee, Sportsman

The most important thing we need to fix is the area of tribalism. Tribalism has eaten deep into our body, spirit and soul, even our culture and religion. we all should individually and collectively purge tribalism out of our system.

Mujidat Abass, Beautician

Election should not be based on Godfatherism. We are in a democratic dispensation so our votes should count rather than have someone imposed on on.

Electricity in Nigeria is bad I must say. We rarely get light yet at the end of the month you will receive a crazy bill from the electricity company. The government really needs to put more effort in the light situation.

Isiaka Olaitan, Student

The government should do the road. everyday we hear of various road accidents. So we are calling on the government to fix our roads and make them accident free.

Ibrahim, Civil Servant

I would like the government to fix Nigerian road and then light. the light issue is bad. It is a serious issue that needs to be tackled.

The government needs to change from running an autocratic government. They should use social media to get peoples opinion on what should be done.

Barney, Public Relations Professional

First of all, thanks to the government for taking VIO from the road .Now they should concentrate on fixing the roads, the roads in Lagos are bad. Look at Apapa-Oshodi road, its in a terrible state. We also need the government to fix street lights on the road too.

I want government to fix electricity. We are yet to see the pre-paid meter, yet we have paid for it.

Motunrayo Adigun, Worker

I want government to fix our roads. The holdup situation is nothing to write about. Now the rain is here, the gutters are overflowing and damaging the road. The government should hear us and please come to our aid.

Linda Ogbonna, Self Employed

The problem of unemployment is something I really want the government to concentrate on. Right now almost everyone is going into SME and those who are graduates are yet to see jobs. The government should set up industries to create more job employment.

Electricity is what i want the government to fix.

Oga Effiong, Self Employed

I want the government to make things available, so the common man can be able to afford basic amenities.


Security is what the government should concentrate on. Right now, we sleep with our eyes open. The security operatives should be well equipped to protect its citizens.

Samson, Civil Servant

The educational sector in Nigeria is bad, very bad. The government needs to put in more effort in the educational sector. So many so called graduates now cant seem to express themselves, and this is coming from their root. So starting from the primary sector, qualified teachers should be employed to teach our children.

Whether it being a celebration of failed governance, you cant’t but love Nigerians for their abundance of unreasonable hope.

Happenings Media