Attack in Kabul: Massive Explosion, 80 people killed, hundreds wounded!

Attack in Kabul: Massive Explosion, 80 people killed, hundreds wounded!


by Hephzibah Iniodu

The recent suicide bomb blast in Kabul’s diplomatic district has thrown her residents into a state of mourning having killed about 80 persons while leaving hundreds injured.

The suicide attack is purported to have taken place today around the Zanbaq square, in Kabul’s 10th district, which has shops, restaurants, government offices and foreign embassies operating in this district.

Reports has it that, there are no groups involved in the attack as none have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Aziz Nawin, an IT engineer with the Afghanistan TOLO news; a driver with BBC; a British Public Broadcaster and an Afghan security guard with the German embassy are Known victims, while the rest of the casualties are yet unidentified.  Reports say that casualties are predominantly civilians.

The effect of this explosion is overwhelming as the district affected is one that has a large population of pedestrians, motorists and businesses.

Ambulances hurried to the scene of casualty to help convey the victims to the hospital for immediate treatment while a huge plume of smoke was seen towering over the scene of the bomb blast.

As an aftermath of the blast, houses and shops several distances away from the scene were damaged, with windows and doors pulled off their hinges.

The location of the bomb blast is significant as it hit one of the busiest and more secure part of the Afghan’s capital.

It is expected that the death toll may increase.

This explosion is described by officials as “one of the biggest”, to hit the Afghan capital.

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