Biafra Remembrance Day: Lagos not left out

Biafra Remembrance Day: Lagos not left out

Yusuf Busari

Earlier in the week, the IPOB had issued a sit-at-home order for Tuesday, May 30th  in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Nigerian civil war.

The order was highly accented to in the eastern part of the country but here in the nation’s commercial capital, Lagos, was business as usual.

The popular Idumota market located in Lagos Island and highly dominated by our Igbo brethrens was open for business. The electronics business district of Lagos, Alaba International, and Balogun market, both located on the Badagry axis of the state  had a low turnout of traders as most of the shops were locked up in compliance with the order.

While discussing with Happenings Media, one of the traders, he said ‘Some traders didn’t come to the market because of their belief and solidarity to Biafra’’. He further added that those who came to carry out their various businesses had to close shops early due to the low patronage. When asked his opinion on the sit-at-home order, he said he was indifferent to it.

A restaurant owner in Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos said she was in support of the movement and its order. She said she was happy to comply with the order which is to remember those who died during the war. When asked why she opened shop, she responded by saying ‘Man must survive’’. She further said patronage has being higher than normal as most of her clients rather than go to work stayed back home.

While the Igbo’s in Lagos went about their normal day-to-day activities, they indeed are in support of the day .

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