Macabre: Kathy Griffin poses with fake severed Trump head

Macabre: Kathy Griffin poses with fake severed Trump head


by Itohan Ferguson

In a photo that has gone viral, the comedienne Kathy Griffin is seen in a shocking photo holding a fake  President Trump’s head. It is all the more made gory because, the fake severed head is covered in the colour of blood. Griffin posed for this graphic picture in a photo session with famed photographer Tyler Shields, notorious for his agitable and unsettling pictures. In a video attached to this macabre photo is an unapologetic Griffin saying ” Tyler and I are not afraid to do images that make noise”. However she has been dragged by her fans and critics for supporting violence as many believe the photo is no different from one the terrorist group ISIS uploads. Many have come to her defense and described the gory picture as art, chief amongst them is Tyler shields, according to him “its art… when you make art, you can do anything you want”.

A blow back of her daring photo has the bathroom company Square Potty, with Griffin as an ambassador, distancing themselves from her as they announce she will be suspended from being a part of their campaign.

Soon after the release of the picture with its massive backlash, Griffin tweeted an apology.

President Donald Trump is not left out as he condemns Kathy Griffin in his tweet.

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