Midwife steals new born baby and replaces it with a dead one

Midwife steals new born baby and replaces it with a dead one

Yusuf Busari

Instagram user, Adeyemi Abolore  shared a story of a midwife who allegedly stole a new born baby and replaced it with a dead one in Ifo, Ogun state.

See her post and video below;

“My family friend delivered her baby by around 5pm d mother in law ws asked to go home to get cloths. Wen she returned with her son the doctor/midwife had left d hospital immediately after her delivery ask informed them by d two nurses on ground. The nurses wouldn’t account for d whereabout of d newly born. The husband alarm d community chairman and elders with the youth and they went to ifo police, visited d place of delivery and only found d placeta and only one of d room ws locked. The midwife ws spoken with around 10pm after several calls and she admitted d baby ws fyn and alive. The search team left d place around 11.30pm after waiting for d midwife who didn’t show up. The next morning 28th they went back to d police station that ws wen i ws contacted. Then d woman ws around there. We all went back to d hospital and in one of d rooms already searched, a dead baby ws found which she claimed ve been in d building all thru 27th. She said d baby ws dead at birth. The locked room ws opened and money of different denominations wr found she also has d building construction going on behind d clinic. The elders within her community claimed she came back to d clinic by 1am and showed them d dead baby. D DCO ifo said while he and his team searched d clinic no baby ws found. D dead body ve been taken to mortuary for autopsy, the wicked must not go unpunished “

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