Gay dads are pregnant with their first biological child

Gay dads are pregnant with their first biological child

Yusuf Busari

A pair of gay dads have spoken of their delight as they prepare to welcome their first biological child. Biff Chaplow and Trystan Reese are already adoptive parents to two young children Riley and Hailey, but the couple had always longed for a baby of their own.

Trystan, who is transgender, first managed to conceive in 2016 but they suffered the heartbreak of a miscarriage at six weeks. They had considered waiting up to a year before trying again but because of the medical complications of Trystan having to go off testosterone, they decided to continue. The pair said their fears were unfounded as they have had nothing but positivity from medics.

In a post on their website, Trystan said that he felt some people are interested to know why he wanted to become pregnant as atrangender person but were too afraid to ask. He said that some people think ‘trans people were born into the wrong bodies, and we really hate our bodies, and that’s why we need to transition’.
‘For me, just transitioning normaly – taking testosterone so that I have a beard and my voice is deep as its ever going to get – and appear like a man…that’s enough for me.
‘I never felt like I needed to change my body and I for sure do not hate my body. I feel like my body is awesome, I feel like it’s a gift to have been born with the body that I did’’
‘So if you can start to understand that, then it starts to make more sense that it would not seem totally bizarre for me to want to create and carry a baby’’
They announced they are expecting a little boy abd are already joking that it’s ‘diagnosis male’. The married couple who live in Portland, Oregon, have confirmed Trystan is due to give birth in the summer.

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