Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Hotel Suite

Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Hotel Suite

Titilayo Olurin

Anita had removed what was left of her clothes and was now naked on all fours on the bed. I pushed her thighs wider apart and began stroking her cunt back and forth, slowly, gently at first, then rapidly. Throwing her head back, she moaned and let her mouth drop open with some saliva trickling down the left side of her mouth.

Her lips covering her clit were just as wet and dripped with smooth, milky juice, which I licked and sucked before sliding a finger, then two into her pussy. It tightened and contracted around my fingers and she let out another moan. I reached for one of her small, perfectly almond shaped breasts and grabbed it with one hand, pinching her hardened nipple, as I continued to prod and poke deep around her insides with the other hand. Then I raised her hips slightly and entered into her from behind, shoving in my long, thick cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. She gasped and whimpered non-stop, fresh saliva trickling down the corner of her mouth.

One more deep thrust from me and she was jerking, with her thighs bucking under her weight till she fell in a heap face down onto the bed. Sinking into the bed beside her, I traced the outline of her back with tender kisses, then listened to the steady rhythm of her even breathing and watched her shoulders rise and fall softly as she drifted off to sleep.

I waited a few minutes on the bed, watching her sleep, before ambling barefoot and naked to the liquor cabinet just across the lush hotel suite where I poured myself a glass of scotch. The warm liquid caressed my tongue as I swirled it around my mouth before swallowing the content of the glass in a single gulp. I set the glass down on the polished cabinet and poured myself some more.

Holding the drink in a tight grip, I ambled again, this time, to the plush black leather sofa close to the big sliding glass windows bereft of curtains or blinds. I sat, sipping the scotch and looking out at the swimming pool below with the shadow of the night sky cast over it. It was absolutely quiet now, except perhaps for the occasional snore from Anita each time she turned.

In the quiet, I tried to process all that had happened quickly – too quickly, in fact – during my stay in Abuja, from the moment I arrived with my boss on Tuesday morning for the conference to earlier today when I obliged her request to have drinks after dinner in her hotel suite. She had practically ripped out my clothes the moment I stepped in through the door. But any misgivings I had about her were thrown out the window when she stripped herself of her clothing and revealed the heavenly beautiful body she regularly hid beneath her safe office clothes.

“Hey! There you are.”

I turned, startled, at the sound of Anita’s voice. It was different – this voice. It wasn’t the same loud, shrieking voice she used when barking orders at me in the office. This one was soft, tender, and kind. In Lagos she was my boss, but not here. Now, I was her boss. I smiled at the thought, and walked to the bed, feeling my cock harden at the sight of the naked woman in it.

“Up for a second round?” She raised herself on her elbow, and parting the empty ruffled bed beside her with a hand, she invited me over.

“You do me,” I ordered. I didn’t need the invitation, and it felt good to be the boss.

There was a glint of wicked mischievousness in her eyes as she rose from the bed, and with a hand on my hard-virile chest, pushed me on to my back. She then bent over me and began to trail kisses from my forehead to my nipples, where she paused and suckled – one black, aroused nipple at a time. I moaned, reaching for her breasts and stroking them.

If I was doing anything to her, she ignored it, and moved with the swiftness of a cat to kneel over me – with her thighs spread apart on each side of mine. Her soft, wet lips met mine, and her tongue, teasing and exploring the insides of my mouth, sent shivers up my spine.

She held my cock in her hand and suckled on it till it grew thick and hard. Then with deliberate slowness, she sat on my groin, letting in the full length of my thick shaft inside her. Gently and slowly, she began riding astride me with her nails digging into my chest as her pleasure built with mine. Her body shook, her eyes closed, her lips parted, and as I raised myself deeper into her, she threw her head back and let out a sharp cry, muffling my loud screams.

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