OAP, Lolo 1 of Wazobia FM dishes on being single, broken marriage…

OAP, Lolo 1 of Wazobia FM dishes on being single, broken marriage…

Yvonne Williams

Popular Nigerian OAP Omotunde Adebowale better known as Lolo 1 of Wazobia FM in a chat with The Nation opened up on being single, motherhood her failed marriage and the future.

On being a hardworking single mum, the mum of four says,

“my children know mommy is working for the money and most of the time we do see in the morning before I leave. When I get back, they are probably sleeping but they will see me when I wake up, even though it’s not an everyday occurrence. We carry each other along in my own family. I know what they are doing, they know what I’m doing and so it makes it very easy to work.”
On family and the limelight:

“I would like to keep family where it is because one of the mistakes that we make is that we rub our lives in people’s faces. That’s why I’m raising my children away from the limelight. My children don’t have Instagram and Facebook accounts. When they come of age, it’s something they would do on their own because I don’t want them to grow up in the shadow of their mother. I want them to be able to have their own identity. My four children have different characters and I’m not going to force my own life style on them.

“One of my sons is very athletic. He does karate in school. He also runs. Another loves engineering and cooking, while my daughter loves to draw. She loves debating and she’s honing her skills, so I don’t have to force entertainment on them.”

On giving marriage another shot:

“Definitely; when the right man finds me. Being single at my age is very challenging and you never know it until you get there. A lot of people just demonise women that are single. You hear about domestic violence every day, although I never experienced it. If they leave, people demonise them; when they stay, they get battered or their lives don’t move forward. There are many psychological issues that can go on in a person’s life beyond beating. When they die, people start asking why they didn’t leave.

“When I find someone that understands me completely and that we can put our hands on each other and make it work, I will definitely give it a shot.”
On what went wrong with previous marriage, Lolo opens up,

“Let’s just say I had no wisdom at that time, although I wasn’t young when I got married. I guess I was very naïve on many issues of life and it was just foundationally wrong. I wouldn’t blame him or myself, that’s why I don’t demonise my ex. He is a good father to his children, and he is a very quiet man that doesn’t like issues. It is us that didn’t work but we are still friends and our kids have the best of us. She said.

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