Titi’s Erotic Notes: Bathroom Quickie

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Bathroom Quickie

Titilayo Olurin


I stood, leaning against the sink with my back to the mirror, then placing a hand on Tega’s lean muscled chest, I shifted my gaze to the door.

“Oh!” he nodded and turned to bolt the door.

His lips were back on mine, hard, probing, and forceful, almost as soon as he turned back to me.

“Wait … what if someone sees us?” I pushed him slightly away. Of course, I didn’t actually mean to. I wanted him. Oh, how I wanted him! Since that day he was introduced as our team supervisor in the office, all I thought of was having him, even though I had immediately spotted the gold band on his left third finger.

“No one can. I just bolted the door,” he rolled his eyes at me and let them wander lustfully to the cleavage of my full, firm, round breasts above my low V-neck purple chiffon top.

“Please, Abike!” Tega’s voice was now thick with lust and I didn’t miss the desperate longing in his eyes.

I smiled wickedly, relishing the look on his face for a moment. Then I drew him closer to me by the black tie hanging loosely around his neck and let him kiss me. This time, it was slow, lingering, and gently passionate, the minty freshness of his breath and the masculine musk of his cologne sending shivers up my spine. His hands, cupping my jaw, occasionally slid to my hair and neck until they slipped under my blouse to squeeze each of my breasts.

In between his lingering kisses, I moaned as his fingers stroked and pinched my nipples beneath my bra. He reached for the buttons of my blouse, all but tearing them out, and didn’t wait to completely unhook my bra before taking one of my breasts in his mouth hungrily.

“Oh God! You’re beautiful,” he murmured against the velvety smoothness of my breasts. “Gosh! I want you!”

I responded by throwing my head back and letting out another moan. His hands were now on my hips, raising my skirt up, and stroking between my thighs.

Spreading my thighs wider, I let him push my pink pant aside and stroke my cunt with my clear, fine juices dripping on to his fingers. Satisfied that I was ready, he slid one finger after another inside me until he had three poking around for that sensitive spot tucked away somewhere. He found it, the spot, and caressed it till I couldn’t take anymore.

Something inside me was bursting forth. I was about to reach a climax I never knew I could reach when, suddenly, he withdrew his fingers, smooth with my juices, and looked at me with a wicked glint in his eyes. His lips found mine again and he kissed me over and over, teasing with his tongue, nibbling gently with his teeth on one lip after another, murmuring meaningless but soothing words against my lips, before sliding his fingers back inside me. He stroked, poked, shoved some more, then stopped to slip my pant down my thighs, knees, and to my ankles.

I reached for his belt, unbuckled it, unzipped his trousers, and released his massive, hard cock. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I stopped to stare at it before taking it in my hands as if to weigh it. Then wrapping a hand around it, I began to stroke it, and very quickly knelt on one knee on the tiled bathroom floor to take it in my mouth.

“Yea! That’s it, Baby!” he groaned, his breath heavy and thick. His eyes began rolling over with pleasure. “Make me cum!”

He pulled his trousers down along with his boxers and was soon thrusting his cock back and forth in my mouth, which was beginning to feel sore. The more he thrusted, the more he groaned. I stood and turned around, now facing the mirror over the sink and let him rest his hands on my hips before shoving his thick erection inside me. He pushed slowly, watching my reaction to see if I could take anymore of him. I could.

I stifled a cry of pleasure when he drew my hips closer to his shaft. My tight pussy gripped itself around his weight as he rammed his entire length into me. I ground my hips on his thickness and let out a cry, sweat breaking out on my chest and between my thighs.

Slowly and gently he prodded at first, my juices spilling out on to his cock. I gripped the edges of the sink with both hands to steady myself, while my breasts and entire body shook and heaved to his thrusting. He withdrew his cock and turned me round to face him. Crushing my body to his, he wrapped his arms around my thin waist and continued his thrusting from the front. I cried out, my body jerking uncontrollably just as he began groaning loudly.

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