Men’s Hair Culture

Men’s Hair Culture

Yusuf Busari

A well groomed hair makes a man look his charming best and of course, it tells a lot about one’s personality and appearance. If the hair is not properly kept, the result will be damaged hair. A good hair starts with a proper cut. Just as the body, a man’s hair needs proper maintenance in order to add to a great look.

Happenings media went to town to capture the hair styles worn by menfolk.


The cornrows hairstyle involves having locks of hair braided with each other into intricate designs. It is a hairstyle most commonly favoured by men with kinky curly hair although cornrows can be done on any hair type. Because of the potential of cornrows to hair loss, it is recommended that you simply wear your cornrows loose or have them tied with care. It’s imperative that you choose a good stylist/performer to braid your cornrows.

Clean shaved (Beard)
If you are in the category of men who want to do away with their beards, then take a razor to the chin and bid farewell to that bonkers masterpiece of facial hair. Yes, it makes one look ‘clean’ if a little less boyish than we remember, but, that’s life.
To all those bearded men out there who’re considering a facial change: maybe now’s the time to switch it up and lose the whiskers. You can always grow them back later if you miss the ‘bush’.

The Case for Going Gray

Going gray isn’t really one of those things a person looks forward to because, well, it’s a sign that you’re getting old. However, if you think that gray hair is, intrinsically, a bad thing: think again. Nollywood veterans, RMD, Zack Orji and Victor Olaotan are sporting the silver mane and they look much, much better than before. If you’re unlucky enough not to go gray, you can always dye it.


Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that has always managed to intrigue others due to its unique beauty. Although they have been around for decades, dreadlocks still garner loads of well-deserved attention. If you’re ready to get locked have it in mind that ‘locs’ is high maintenance.
There are various ways to dread one’s hair either through natural process, dread braiding, twist and waxing. Dreadlocks can be worn short or long, thin or thick styled but remember only very few men can pull off long hair.

Skin cut

Several men do not appreciate seeing a strand of hair on their head either to hide their being bald or for whatever reasons best known to them. The skin cut or ‘gorimapa’ can also be said to be high maintenance depending on the individual’s hair growth. For guys who are prone to grow their hair fast, then your scalp would be a regular to the barber’s clipper.
Whatever hairstyle you like to rock, you just might like to experiment with some other hairdo. The idea of a big change might look crazy at first, becomes much less extreme after a few days.

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