Glenn Mena’s New Single is an Ode to Love

Glenn Mena’s New Single is an Ode to Love

Bernard Dayo

Somewhere in Glenn Mena’s new single, “Take Over (Omalicha Baby)” is a winking, self-pastiche of “Sound It,” his 2015-released freestyle track that gaudily mashes dancehall beats with lazy-cool rap. Off the Mask & Music 2017 shelf, “Take Over” revels in its modest R&B style and production.

“Because I’m feeling the things that you do” Glenn croons. “Omoge dance to my kokoma.” The synth is effervescent and subtle. Though almost imperceptible, Glenn’s voice undergoes some kind of electronic modulation in the chorus that gives a reverb, reminiscent of talking robots in old-era sci-films.

In an interview I had with Glenn on my interview-based music show, “The Dip,” I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say that his sound is hard to pin down. Glenn is a master of genres, and “Take Over “ flirts with R&B just as much as it is earworm-worthy.

Listen to “Take Over” below:

Graphic illustration: Chibuzo Mimshach Tobenna 

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