Toke Makinwa and Her Shoddy Opinion

Toke Makinwa and Her Shoddy Opinion

Yusuf Busari

From sharing with us her unsolicited views on hairnets, farting, morning kisses, one-night stand and clubbing, media personality and vlogger, Toke Makinwa sure has a way of irking Nigerians.

Lately the bestselling author aired her view on guys who call their girlfriends via one of the several  social networking app, Whatsapp. She said, “Girls like being called, but not WhatsApp call, I feel some type of way when a guy is not using his credit to call me”. Her two cent opinion earned her a lot of backlash and criticisms from Nigerians.

Auntie Toke has a right to her opinion(s) as we all do and therefore shouldn’t be resented for that, after all she clearly stated that it was her OWN opinion and not a rule of thumb.

Everyone, regardless of gender likes being called. So whether you call through Whatsapp or otherwise, the fact that you have made an attempt should be appreciated. The effort might not be good for the ‘On Becoming’ author, that’s her choice, but it does show effort and no one should feel unduly pushed into demanding more just because it is the opinion of someone. Some misguided fan would take this opinion as her standard and give her boyfriend hell simply because he called via this medium. If he doesn’t call owing to the fact that he isn’t financially buoyant,and doesn’t want to come across as lazy and not willing to do the work, what then happens? You call it quits?

Any form of calls with social networking apps is certainly not free, they cost money; data. Besides, the effect is just the same as when you make a phone call.

The excuse that Internet voice calls break should not be even brought to the table as normal voice calls break too. External standards, opinions and ‘societal expectations’ that don’t align with the present reality of your relationship should not be allowed to disturb the peace of it

So far you and your boo get to communicate in a way that works for both of you, does it matter whether it was on 2go or SMS?

Relationships involves only two people with communication as one of the keywords. Phone calls or Whatsapp calls shouldn’t be a benchmark for measuring serious relationships.

It’s hard to know if Toke makes these statements for publicity, albeit, it’s not too difficult to figure out that whenever she makes such comments it trends for days.

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