Between Senator Rabiu Kwankwanso and Governor Umar Ganduje

Between Senator Rabiu Kwankwanso and Governor Umar Ganduje


By Sofowora Oladapo

For those familiar with the political terrain of Kano State, they would know that Senator Rabiu Kwankwanso and the incumbent Governor of Kano State, Umar Ganduje, used to be best friends. During the tenure of Senator Kwankwanso as Governor of Kano, Ganduje served as his deputy before he contested and won the governorship election of the ancient state.

Since the moment Ganduje emerged Governor of Kano State, he and his former boss, Senator Kwakwanso, have not crossed paths. Their once sweet relationship became sour. Sources close to the Kano State Government disclosed to HAPPENINGS the genesis of the bad blood between them thus, ”Senator Kwankwanso wanted Ganduje to give some of his loyalists political appointments and Ganduje opposed it and gave his own people that he felt would perform more.”

The source further said that “Kwankwaso wanted to retain his political structure in Kano State but Ganduje is a wise man he has worked with Kwankwaso before so he is not new to the structure. He took over the structure which rendered Kwankwaso politically crippled in Kano. Ever since they have not been on talking terms.”

Recently, Senator Kwankwanso disclosed that Ganduje will loose his re-election bid in 2019. Kwankwaso claimed that Gov. Ganduje is far from the people and the people are ready to vote him out in the next election due to the anti-people policies. Only time will be the umpire. Ad the elections draws near, more political bombshells will explode.

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